Neofood Modules

With possibility to change semiautomatik base to automatic for using the same heads on oven tunnel or cooling tunnel with the same sets of nozzles and controlling program.

Our concept for semiautomatic machines For the first time, three different formation
heads can be installed on the one base for the deposition on the tray.

Trays can be metallic or wooden, with forms to put tartlets or cones for filling them with various masses. The only machine in semiautomatic version equipped with servo drives for tray transporter movement for exact deposition by position. Tray width can be 600 mm and length from 400-800 mm. All confectionery products are manufactured by Cooling method (cool ing/d rying) or Heating Q1) method (Baking), All confectionery masses can be divided into three types of viscosity concerning their method of deposition: Liquid masses.. .Liquid chocolate, liquid marmalade etc. Masses of average viscosity..

Zephyr (Russian marshmallow) masses, short cake, biscuit, cookie masses etc, (c). Dense weights... cottage cheese mass, toffee mass, dried fruit masses ginger bread cookie mass, Halwa mass, hematogen etc.