You can make pastry base tartlet on Rondo Doge line and then fill it with several sweet or salted products on our semi-auto machines or auto Neofood line.

So round shape or oval pastries are perfect crispy base for various innovative products which are more profitable if combined with jelly, marshmallow and nougat/fondant.

It is standart Intelledrop line with tartlet feeding device and all three heads can be used. Tartlets can be made by baking from dough, pastry dough, by pressing from nougat, coconut mass...

Tartlets can be filled with marshmallow, cream, cheese, jelly, cream, ice-cream, pate and salad.
Intelledrop Tartlet Filling line
Modern piston deposition system for liquid confectionery masses
(fruit candy, jelly, cream, scuffle, hot chocolate etc.) supports a dot and longitudinal depositions It is intended for a deposition or pouring in forms and special deepenings on products with the liquid confectionery masses. IntelleDrop can be used as independent deposition machine for the deposition of liquid marmalade or chocolate on the cookies or, as a part of complex Neofood Installed on the module IntelleBase for filing the different confectionery forms (tartlets, cookies) with fruit candy. IntelleDrop is delivered with the section of bInaryjellIficatIon.

Varlous kinds of sandwich cookies with all possible stuffings.
Probably to unite different tastes. Various kinds of the combined products, such as cookies with jelly or jam, a fruit candy with a chocolate covering, a biscuit covered with chocolate, jam or jelly, a marshmallow on cookies, etc. Possibility of introducing innovations in the assortment. Possibility to give different forms to your ideas, and many other things. Carries out cross dressing by glaze of contrast color scale.


Technical characteristics (Head)
Length: 400 mm;
Working Width: 1000, 800, 600 mm
Height: 600 mm
Required Air pressure: 7-8 atm
Air volume for pneumatic systems: 1500 L/mim.
Production capacity: 60 cycles/min
Maximum temperature ,permitted: 95 '°C
Servo Drive for mass deposition control and head movement in three dimensions, that is, frontback,

up-down, left-right, which allows deposition in various forms controlled by PLC
Pneumatic system: Festo in dosing system
Material: Stainless steel body (AI5I304), 1,5 mm thickness.
Inner parts different thickness as required;
Sensors: Siemens for head functioning control;
Motors: Sew Eurodrive.
Technical characterstics (Heating Tank)
+ acid injection system:
3 L (for acid injection)
Volume: 80 L (for heating tank)
Power: 3.5 Kwt; Length: 1160 mm;
Width: 850 mm;
Height: 1600 mm;
Motor pump for forcing mass from tank into the heat pistons
Temperature control with the help of sensors.
Type of depositing masses;
Liquid masses like liquid marmalade, liquid chocolate or imitator and other masses of the similar density.

Density of mass from 130 to 998 kglml.
Viscosity f rom 0.5 to 3.5 mPa.c.

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