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Неофуд в России!




We expect that you are producer of sweets, confectionary and bakery products who is searching for something new.
You manufacture your products with semiautomatic or automatic machinery and know all famous suppliers on the market, but...still not satisfied.

Maybe you want new forming, extruding, depositing or enrobing machine?

Maybe you dream about easy changing of forming machines at the input of your
tunnel oven or cooling tunnel oreven combining them to get multicomponent products?
But all well known producers are competitors and will never join together to give you combinatory solution, they have different distance between
nozzles and PLC control-so INCOMPATIBLE.

And we are the German company who assembled all clever experience and now combined modular system for YOU, our dear Customer! And because of centralized PLC control our system is much more cheaper and convenient than prototypes.

We would like to address our innovative equipment to those customers who want to create innovative food snacks at all kinds of industrial food manufacturing plants and produce them either in semiautomatic or automatic mode.

Our lines end separate machines are perfect for production of centrally filled or multi component (eg. Two color products) food products.
Our machines are flexible, modular and upgradeable.

Your future line will develop with your fantasy end production volume, we have created and developed under one Neofood roof all worldwide well
known machines end technologies for dosing, forming and decorating and united them all, synchronized their operations for the sake of....

Alexander Solovyev, CEO

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