Modern two-component forming - extrusion ma hine with roller-gear system of deposition, for professional formation of zephyr, soft cookies, aerated fruit candy, aerated quark cheese and other confectionery & dairy masses of average viscosity.

A range from delicate beze, souffle and marshmallow to semi dense confectioner
y and meatpaste masses can be deposited or extruded by IntelleMix, Carries out functions ot dot, longitudinal jigging (dotted line), and also process continuous extrusion (marshmallow sticks, sticks from cookies, fondants etc.).


Technical characterstics:
Length: 900 mm
Working width: 1000, 800, 600 mm
Height: 750 mm
Power: 3,5 Kwt

Electrical connection: 3 faze with 380 ± 5Wt voltage & 50Hz frequency
Maintainance: Temp +15 °C to +35 °C, air humidity not more then 65 %
Production capacity: 1200 cycIes/hr

Volume of each bunker - 40 L
(can be changed as per requirement)

Gearp umps on each nozzle for accurate depositions
Maximum temperature permitted: 70 °C; Material: Stainless steel body (AISI304), 1.5 mm thickness. Inner parts different thickness as required

Sensors: Siemens for head functioning control and mass level control

Motors: Sew Eurodrive.

Type of depositing masses, Semi dense masses like soft biscuit dough, marshmallow, cream, souffI6 etc,

Masses with density from 340 to 1500 kg/M1, Viscocity from 0.9 from 4.0 m Pa.c.

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