IntelleGlaze is equipped with integrated programmed enrobing-decorating unit. Capable of decorating with zigzag lines and dot decoration. Possibility of wavy formation of glaze over the product. Equipped with two big tanks for glaze and two small decorator feeding tanks. Capable of two color complete glazing with two color decoration. (total 4 colors). Possibility to enrobe partly (only one side) or completely. Equipped with automatic pumping and filtration of glaze.

Decoration is possible with different colorsjellies and chocolate compounds.


Technical characterstics:
Maintainance: Temp +15 °C to +35 °C, air humidity not more then 65 %
Electrical connection: 3 faze with 380 ± 5 Wt voltage & 50 Hz frequency
Rated Power: 12 Kwt
Rated Power of melting tank: 8.4 Kwt
Glaze Melting tank volume: 300 L
Water volume for heating: not more than 75 L
Decorator tank volume: 50 L
Decorator rated power: 018 Kwt
Temperature of chocolate glaze at level of a bottom of a bath: (30-50) OC (but less then atmospheric temperature by +50 °C)

Accuracy of maintenance of temperature: t 10 °C Linear speed of movement of the conveyor: 15-5 M/MklH

Length: 1600 mm
Width: 1610 mm;
Height: 1970 mm
Working width: 1000, 800,600 mm (500 + 500)
Pneumatic system: Festo for vibration of mesh belt

Material: Stainless steel body (AI5I304), 1,5 mm thickness. Inner parts different thickness as reqyIred from stainless steel and aluminium

Sensors: Optical sensor Slem Enrobing mass level controll
Motors: Sew Eurodrive.
IntelleCool (3 section) Features:
Module is combined cooling-dry tunnel for continuous cooling & drying for structuring food masses

Technical characterstics;
Length: 6000 mm
Width: 1350 mm (passive block)
1580 mm (active block)
Working width: 1000, 800, 600 mm
Height: 1200 mm
Cooling temperature: from -3 °C to +15 °C; Maintainance: Temp +15 °C to +35 °C, air humidity not more then 65 %

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