Module IntelleOven is intended for a baking of wide assortment of confectionery and cottage cheese products attemperature of 300 degrees Celclus. The Heating system is cyclometric with compulsory circulation of the products of combustion on top and bottom heating channel sections of the furnace, excluding penetration of smoke gases into a baking zone. Transporter belt under the furnace, is made of steel. The module is equipped by the automatic monitoring system of a belt tension and centering.The line is configured automatically under the established head.


Technical characteristics (Head)
Fuel: Natural G2s (LPG)
Length (Oven tunnel): 30000 mm
Width: 1100 mm
Hight: 1100 mm;
Length (cooling converter): 400Omm; Maintainance: Temp + 5 to +35 C°, air

Humidity not more then 65 %.

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