Aerator-mixer is intended for mixing recipes in the set mode and atthe settemperature of confectionery masses, cottage cheese and otherfood ingredients and for mixing and beating of a short cake dough, zephyr, souffle, cottage cheese cream and other similar masses. Mixing and beating processes are isolated from environment. Mixing & Beating is done by the pure air or nitrogen that considerably improves quality of a product and raises a period of storage


Technical characteristics:
Stainless steel body

Stainless steel storage tank, double walled

Stirrer to keep product homogeneous

Double walled stainless steel-head
with 5.5 Kwt motor controlled by frequency converter;

Stainless steel volumetric pump
with servo-ventilated motors

Productfilter at head entry
Counter pressure device at pneumatic control
Discharge pipe in stainless steel

Power: 12.8 Kwt
Current: 32 A
AC voltage: 23OV
DC voltage: 24V DC
Material: Stainless steel AISI304

Flux meter for air volume

Air filter:
Motors: Sew Eurodrive.

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