Advanced Neofood Machinery GmbH directs all energy on prosperity of the clients, creating the special information environment to interchange the information between our customers, - manufacturers of confectionery products. In this regard information base CreaSweet-Soft is developed and not having analogues. With its help manufacturers always have possibility to learn, what their colleagues-competitors could make already on equipment Advanced Neofood Machinery GmbH , and on the basis of this information to generate the series of innovative confectionery products, while – not having analogues in the modern market.

Not the bright advertising materials are now the keystone to success of the confectionery enterprise. Not advertising, but an innovation – is way to the prosperity. Not a «wild» competition, but the integration of the information environment – a wide way of possibility with Neofood.

Now we will imagine, that the technologist of confectionery factory has wanted to take advantage of the similar universal tool: to press «icon» at his working place on the display and received the finished article description, to send it to manufactures. For this purpose Neofood has developed the special software which allows the technologist to create confectionery products, as on the basis of available products, at the expense of a combination and automatic fine tuning of a line, thereby, filling up the general database.

Thus Neofood - is not the equipment in itself, but the new information environment.

Neofood software is modern base of food technological process and the equipment, representing innovative achievement in the field of modern industrial complexes with program control systems. Universal (basic) computer models of possible made products are presented in the form of animation schematic 3D models for a wide spectrum of food manufactures, and as for technological lines for the manufacturing of confectionery products. This system of visualization of a programmed complete product in a uniform interactive network includes some the basic groups of users, namely:

- Manufacturers of food production;
Experts in the field of the newest food technologies and technological processes of Neofood
- Clients-customers of production by means of wide system of administration in a network the Internet.

Besides, system IntelleDrive is supplied by the training possibilities directed on the preparation of new experts in the field of food and confectionery technologies.
Centralized PLC control board equipped with CreaSweet software. A big touch screen for controlling complete technical & production process of the complex
such as:

• Conveyer belt speed
• Deposition mechanism
• Temperature control
• Regulation of Production capacity
• Movement of heads
• Regulation of system & drive errors which shows on screen if occurs
• Product recipe program
• Product creation & implementation program


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