Neofood Modules

With possibility to change semiautomatik base to automatic for using the same heads on oven tunnel or cooling tunnel with the same sets of nozzles and controlling program.

Our concept for semiautomatic machines For the first time, three different formation heads can be installed on the one base for the deposition on the tray.

With wide assortment of Neofood modules you can upgrade your Innovative meat-fish-vegetable Products assortment step-by-step. You can start with tray semiautomatic production and then upgrade to automatic line production with the same forming heads. Meat-fish-vegetable products to be produced can be fresh or baked-in any case they will look like nice desserts!

Please see videos on this page which represent evolution from small semiauto plant to big auto industrial factory, also you will see separate modules operation and result-simple products manufacturing, then you proceed to wafer cone filling line to produce cones and cone-pizzas with cheese, meat-fish-vegetable ,then you see profitroles with pate fillings and also wafer balls, sandwiches-more complicated products. So great variety of new gastronomic products can be produced with one and the same Neofood line and Modules.