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Неофуд в России!




We would like to address our innovative equipment to those customers who want to create innovative food snacks at all kinds of industrial food
manufacturing plants and produce them either in semiautomatic or automatic mode. We have got a great experience in transferring traditional
sweet & bakery products into innovative desserts. Why not to use the same machines and technologies for production of innovative meat-fish-
vegetable snacks and even baked snacks and salads-desserts?!

Our lines end separete machines are perfect for production of centrally
filled or multi component (eg. Two color products) food products.

Our machines are flexible, modular and upgradeble.
Your future line will develop with your fantasy end production volume, we have created and developed under one Neofood roof all worldwide
well known machines end technologies for dosing, forming and decorating and united them all, synchronized their operetion's for the sake of
creation of food products for future-surprising, tasteful and healthy.

We installed as many as 45 lines for different food producers in EU, Russia and CIS countries and they are earning great profits on that idea
of combined snacks.

Join us to share innovational experience!

Alexander Solovyev, CEO

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