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Three in One - The Neofood Idea
How to produce multicomponent desserts and snacks from cottage cheese?
All Cheese curd, cottage cheese and other edible masses can be divided by viscosity into three groups-soft (liquid), medium and hard. Than more humidity of cheese mass than lower the viscocity. Altogether with dairy products you cancombine jelly, marmelade, creams, wafers, nougat, etc... We suggest the best forming machines for each group.

1. IntelleDrop
for deposition of liquid masses like
liquid marmalade or jelly or liquid
chocolate or cream on tartlets or flat
cookies or deposition of short dough.

Neofood Module IntelleDrop
2. IntelleMix
for the formation of different kind of
soft cookies and marshmallow with
deposition method or string cutting.

Neofood Module IntelleMix
3. IntelleStamp
for the production of ginger bread
cookies candy, cottage cheese
bars or balls or meat/fish cutlets.

Neofood Module IntelleStamp

Intelledrop, Intellemix and Intellestamp are perfect as a single machines and can be used for forming center filled or duo colored products onto continuous belt of tonnel oven or cooling system.If you have both oven and cooler of the same width at your plant-forming heads can be interchanged be twin baking and cooling lines. But the main advantage is the possibility of synchro operations of 2-3 forming heads installed in desired sequence and thus obtaining on innovative 3-7 components cookies or snacks/desserts. So we separated all food masses by viscosity to unite them finally in a magic combinations for creativity!

All Neofood system is modular and upgrade able -so you can add forming heads step by step according your demanded capacity and your assortment growth. So now you don't need to purchase complete line you just add blocks and dramatically change assortment and production volume. Than more heads you have than more ideas of multicomponent sweets from our database you can produce!